How is beauty hunted?

How is beauty hunted

Beauty hunted one morning while travelling by speed bus to Manhattan, I had the company and the pleasure of reading the March issue of Allure Magazine.

I started reading a letter from the editor of Linda Wells and came across this amazing phrase, “The pursuit of beauty.” Linda explains that this phenomenon is very similar

But what kind of human doesn’t want to be beautiful and feel beautiful today?

  • There is no doubt that we humans are extremely sensitive to our appearance and will do our best to find or maintain our personal beauty.
  • Our insatiable need for all that is “beauty” proves that we are all in full pursuit and unscrupulous.
  • According to, beauty is “a quality that is present in an object or person that gives the mind deep pleasure or deep satisfaction.
  • This emotional bond with pleasure explains
  • why beauty plays such an important role in our lives.
  • We cannot help ourselves in the presence of things or people who appeal to our sensitivity.
  • Physical beauty, although a matter of taste and opinion, is also characterized by the opinion of society.
  • In most cultures, the presence of symmetry or balance is a determining factor in beauty because it implies the absence of “flaws” or “flaws.” Face balance, complexion, body shape,
  • and size, as well as youth – all this is standardization of beauty.
  • However, the characterization of beauty cannot be understood without also realizing that there is another side to beauty.
  • But one that is not so physical, but rather metaphysical.
  • We can’t necessarily see or touch him, but his presence is undeniable.

At the same time, we cannot exclude psychological factors such as personality, intelligence, politeness, elegance, or charisma as determinants of beauty recognition.

Fascination with beauty

  • By further exploring this fascination with beauty, I found very interesting results.
  • To my surprise (well, maybe not so surprised), researchers have found that having physical attractiveness can have a significant impact on a person’s life.
  • Someone who is considered handsome will most likely get higher marks.
  • But get better medical care from their doctors, get easier sentences, and make more money.
  • As if we didn’t have enough problems in the modern world, we now know that uncontrollable factors, like our God-given beauty or “his absence”, are just another social obstacle
  • Whether we admit it or not, and whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, this type of “vision” has haunted our society for many years and can illuminate the
  • depth of the surface that exists in our world today.

Certainly affects our perception of ourselves

  • This discouraging truth certainly affects our perception of ourselves and of others.
  • The images we see on television also determine what we like and are the driving force behind this quest for excellence.
  • We spend thousands of dollars and irresistible time shopping on the Internet or in malls, buying all kinds of cosmetics, trading nails, hair, face, and botox, reading fashion magazines.
  • Then most of all watching this that our beloved celebrities wear, make and use slim, young and yes stay beautiful.
  • Let’s not forget that there was a time when we were all baffled by the beautiful models.
  • Then celebrities who walked smoothly on the red carpets and on the sides.
  • But of magazine covers effortlessly, at least that’s what it seemed.
  • We dreamed of being like them because we thought they were born so beautifully.

Our growing obsession with celebrity life.

  • Thanks to our growing obsession with celebrity life.
  • Then the shameless and countless invasion of privacy through reality TV shows, social media and “crazy communication”, we now have not only.
  • But if information and knowledge, but also access to physical amplifiers that used to be “top secrets”, sometimes extreme.
  • Make no mistake, “the pursuit of beauty” does not have to mean a trip to a plastic surgeon and is not an intangible product, accessible only to the wealthy and famous.
  • The multi-billion-dollar beauty industry has met all of our beauty needs by bombarding us with many products.
  • But services to make us look and feel younger and more beautiful.
  • The possibilities and resources at our disposal in this department are endless.

We have products that make us look younger, products that make our skin smoother, products that line our stomachs, products that make our lips fuller, products that make our eyelashes longer and thicker, stylists, eyebrows – yarns, makeup artists, fashion trends that change with each season, jewellery, such as earrings, necklaces, tattoos, hats, etc., we all use these things.

sexual health capital.

  • The truth is, however, that our desire for beauty is not just about using our “sexual capital.”
  • This is not only the physical aspect of beauty that attracts us.
  • We seek a combination of the visible and the invisible – physical (outside) and psychological (inside) because they both develop.
  • I really like it, I believe real beauty comes from within.
  • The inner beauty in my definition is the unmistakable and deep light that radiates you and the world.
  • This is your aura, your mind, the chest you leave behind after someone first meets you.
  • My father likes to describe this intangible and spiritual side of our human nature as an ‘inner man’ or ‘woman’.

Inner beauty

  • While this “inner beauty” may be easier for some than for others, these are the first steps to satisfying this inner desire for physical satisfaction or happiness.
  • If we can find psychological strength and confidence to like ourselves no matter what happens, the world has no choice but to see us that way.
  • All physical disabilities that we think will disappear can disappear.
  • The presence of inner beauty is the basis of the pursuit of beauty.

physical beauty

  • Ultimately, we know that physical beauty disappears over the years.
  • That many uncontrollable forces appear that can easily take away or diminish our physical beauty.
  • It comes from your heart and soul and serves as an extra part of physical beauty.
  • The truth is that the search for beauty – this is actually the search for happiness – is the same.
  • Although Linda calls this aspiration “clearly American”, it is certainly more of a person to me.
  • Whether it is a physical or psychological improvement for ourselves, we all seek this fullness.
  • This is a call to be someone bigger and better than ever.
  • It’s about leaving the house every day, feeling like a ray of sunshine, confident in every step you take.
  • It is a goal, a standard to be set, which, when achieved, will be rewarded with a life of confidence, confidence, pride, grace, balance, and enthusiasm in life.
  • Therefore, we cannot deny that we are in a new era in which beauty.
  • But its acquisition is no longer a mysterious and confusing phenomenon, but rather an expression of
  • Beauty has now become a way of life and we have learned that physical beauty cannot be self-sufficient, we can only improve it.
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