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Your mental health is often greatly improved if you use the techniques Kuhn learns in this article. When you see this improvement, your relationships flourish, career paths open, and people find you attractive and accessible. You deserve to have fun and joy in your life and Cliff Kuhn, M.D. will help you with that.

In the classic Frank Capra film, It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey’s mental health is overwhelmed by the hardships of his life and he wishes he was never born. George’s guardian angel realizes his wish and takes him into a dark reality as it would have been without him. George feels nothing when he puts in his jacket pocket to get the flower that his daughter, Zuzu, has placed there – and that’s when George knows his wish has come true … it’s never born.

I wish she was never born, but Roberta became my patient and was desperately trying to improve her mental health. Like George Bailey’s fictional character, Roberta’s depression and anxiety had become so strong that it threatened her ability to live a normal life. Fortunately for Roberta, she quickly discovered exactly why natural humor medicine is one of the most powerful complementary treatments for improving mental health because humor literally pours water on the heat of depression and anxiety.

Roberta is not alone. Up to 35% of all Americans suffer from depression and anxiety, with twins making mental health elusive for millions of people. Your depression and anxiety are made worse by your severity – taking you too seriously. Unfortunately, as we grow, we subscribe to the idea that responsible and productive people must be “serious”. If we make the biggest mistake of our lives and relegate our humor, nature, and pleasure to recreational activities (if we experience pleasure), we condemn ourselves to all the symptoms of the corresponding gravity that fills the void – declining health, increasing stress, increased pain, less energy, less creativity and more.

The good news for your mental health, however, is that we know how to reduce your deadly severity to practically nothing and reduce its impact on your health, vitality, well-being and joie de vivre almost completely. Natural humor medicine is an incredibly powerful tool that you already have; you just forgot how to use it for maximum effectiveness. You will soon discover that even if it is not a miracle cure, natural medicine for humor is an excellent tonic for depression or anxiety and will also stimulate other treatments because it is also an excellent complementary medicine!

During my years of medical practice, I distilled natural medicine from humor into an excellent recipe that I call the fun factor. Based on what I learned from a fifteen-year-old terminally ill patient over twenty years ago, I created a unique set of principles that I call fun commandments, and then forged these commandments in my fun factor recipe and prescribed the fun factor for years of great success. This report shows you how to use just three of my fun commandments to change your sanity and bring joy, pleasure and appreciation to your life!

Improve your mental health with the help of My Fun Factor Prescription.

First step: always go for the extra smile

The first fun command that I recommend for better mental health is this: always go further. This command is doubly useful for depression and anxiety, because not only does it provide measurable emotional and physical relief, but it is also completely under your control – no matter what your circumstances. Since the smile remains entirely under your control, it can be your best tool for using natural humor medicine to speed up your mental health.

Smiling has measurable physical benefits that you can feel immediately: your stress decreases, your immunity improves, your pain and frustration tolerances increase, and your creativity increases. Guess what? You experience all of these benefits, even if your smile is “fake”. That’s right … putting a smile on your face strengthens your immune system and relieves your mood just as easily as a sincere smile. Stand out and you will soon feel good enough to wear a real one!

This is great news for your proactive attitude towards sustainable mental health. You have an incredible amount of preventive control on your

Second step: act and react

The smile brings us directly to the second fun command that will help you maintain your sanity: act and interact. Natural humor medicine works best when we share and this command teaches you to take advantage of the control you have over your physiology and your mood by smiling. Playing and interacting is now easier for you because you smile more. Not only has your mood improved, but your smile is also a pleasant invitation to others.

My suggestion is to strengthen the power of this command by setting a reasonable target for the number of people you will be in contact with each day. These social interactions are great for your mental health and require you to exchange information and ideas with another person. Combined with your dedication to smiling, your interactions should be enjoyable because your increased energy, reduced pain, and reduced stress levels are very attractive to others.

In addition to being kept out of your isolation, there is another reason why acting and dealing with people you meet improves mental health. This allows you to avoid spiritual “punctures”. Spiritual punctures occur when you bypass, bypass naturally or avoid an interaction that is about to occur naturally – you dive into an office to avoid bumping into someone in a hallway or you don’t answer the phone because you don’t call the person. This type of avoidance drains and removes your powerful natural energy reservoir and siphons your mental health reserves.

Have you ever noticed that you generally need twice as much mental and physical energy to avoid a job that you would have spent to do it? It also takes twice as much energy to avoid acting and interacting with people who cross your path, because, in fact, you say, “ I’m going to correct the mistake that nature made by putting this person on my way and I will correct it by being mentally and spiritually negligent. “Mental and spiritual neglect has the same effect as physical neglect (isn’t it strange how tired you are when you are not exercising?). If your sanity can afford to release as much energy, you have a much larger tank than I!

But spiritual punctures do more than just consume our energy, they are harmful in at least two additional ways:

We miss interaction with a teacher. If nature had no lesson for you, this person you just avoided would not have been placed in your path. Are you saying that the person you just avoided had a negative impact or wasted your time? I know we have to stick to legitimate schedules, but when I avoid people because of my prejudices about them, I shut myself down to my best teachers – those same people.
We all learn the tolerance of intolerance, the patience of impatience, the moderation of the intemperance of the wicked, gentleness, etc. I am extremely grateful to the teachers and the lessons they give me.

We create a stubborn little spiritual void of dishonesty, the kind of dishonesty that keeps us from lowering our heads with confidence every night. Our spiritual puncture is caused by the hole created by our avoidance; it is a natural consequence or symptom of our spiritual dishonesty. These consequences clog our lives with mental and emotional baggage that takes us away from our energy and vitality.

Third step: celebrate everything

The third fun command that will help you use natural humor medicine to recharge your sanity is Celebrate Everything. Celebrating everything may seem like a monumental task to a mentally ill person, but you will find that this part of my doctor’s instructions is much easier to execute once you start to execute my first two commandments. In fact, celebrating everything is more than a maintenance step that ensures lasting mental health. It also becomes your lifestyle the more you practice it because you will enjoy the results so much.

How do you celebrate everything and how does it keep your mental health on the rise? The embodiment of this command can be found in the old joke about the boy who wanted a pony for his birthday. Instead, he found a room full of manure waiting for him. But he dived straight into the manure and cheerfully exclaimed: “With all this manure, there must be a pony somewhere!”However, we laugh, but mental health is most important.

We can do more than laugh at this birthday’s flawless optimism – we have to emulate him! When was the last time you saw an unexpected manure pile in your life? You had absolutely no control over the mess, right? But you had absolute control over your response and this is key to using the celebration to improve your mental health!

When you celebrate it all, natural humor medicine creates unparalleled spiritual, emotional and mental health. You will find that your fears become much less controlling when you celebrate everything, because it doesn’t matter how it goes. In fact, you are literally ready for anything, because you are ready to find a blessing in everything that happens.

For example,

my daughter-in-law broke it last year. My son, who is often my role model for the embodiment of my funny commandments, can check off a list of the blessings his family has received as a result of his wife’s “tragedy.” Not that his mental health was not put to the test, but he faced the choice of depression and anxiety in the face of an event he was out of control, versus finding the blessings that awaited him, he chose the last.

The choice to celebrate everything is no panacea; My son’s choice did not change the reality of his wife’s injury. What has changed, however, is his ability to respond to the injury and thereby keep his common sense on a uniform keel. Celebrating everything changes our lives because it allows us to positively control the only things we control – our actions, our ideas, and our attitudes.

Please. Start increasing your smile, using your new smiling energy and your vitality to act and interact with people, and celebrate to maintain your positive momentum. Say goodbye to imprisonment for depression and anxiety and welcome to your new world of improved mental health!
Now use the fun factor to improve your mental health … now

Here are some simple and easy steps you can take now to improve your mental health.

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Discover The Fun Factor. This recipe has changed so many lives for the better – it would be a shame to let it go. Check it out here if you are tired of mental health cravings and finally want to achieve your best mental health!
By the way, my patient, Roberta, has learned to use these three fun commandments – and the rest of my Fun Factor recipe. She has had the same job for three years now and was recently engaged. Roberta sometimes has setbacks, like most people with depression or anxiety. But her mental health has never been as strong as she continues to apply The Fun Factor to her life.

In It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey is so shocked by the dark vision of a world without him that he decides he wants to live again and begs to come back. He knows he’s back when he finds Zuzu’s petals in his coat pocket.

Let this article be like finding the petals of Zuzu. Continue to take a new positive look at your improved mental health today using my Prescription Fun Factor.

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