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Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Mental Health Is a most Important mutter our children

Serious mental health problems can occur in children and adolescents. That’s right
Children and adolescents, like adults, may have mental health disorders that interfere with their thinking, feelings, and behavior. If left untreated, their mental health disorders can take on a much larger scale. This can lead to school failure, family strife, drug abuse, violence, and even suicide. But physicians say that untreated mental health problems can be much bigger. This can be a big problem for the family. It can even be very expensive for the community and the healthcare system. So the adults in the house should always keep an eye on the health of the children. And a doctor’s advice should be taken from time to time. This will make their future beautiful.

Barnardos ‘deeply Concerned’ Over Mental Health Waiting List For Children And Teens

Children’s charity Barnardos said it is “deeply concerned” over new figures showing that almost 2,500 children and teenagers are waiting to access mental health services, with “consistent delays” also being

More than 500 children and teens are waiting to access mental health services in the Cork and Kerry region, with more than 150 waiting longer than a year for an appointment.

New figures given by the HSE to the Irish Examiner show that the Cork and Kerry region continues to have the highest waiting list for child and adolescent mental health

CAMHS provides support to children and teens under the age of 18, who have been referred with moderate to severe mental health difficulties, such as severe depression, anxiety, eating disorders,

Nationally 2,470 children and teenagers across the country were waiting for a CAMHS appointment in April this year.

A regional breakdown further shows that 532 children were on the waiting list in the Cork and Kerry region, 153 of whom have been waiting more than one year

Nationally, 248 children and teens — 10% of all on the waiting list — have been waiting for more than one year for an appointment.

Barnardos ‘deeply concerned’ over mental health waiting list for children and teens

74% of all referrals nationally were offered an appointment within 12 weeks in April, falling short of its 78% performance target.

Children’s charity Barnardos said it is “deeply concerned” over the CAMHS waiting times and that it is unacceptable that children can not access services in a timely manner.

Bernardos CEO Susanna Conley said, “In most cases, children can only wait for the initial assessment at CAMHS to go to the second waiting list for access to treatment.”This

means some children are left waiting over two years for treatment.

Commenting on the “consistent delays” in the Cork/Kerry region Ms.

Connolly acknowledged staff recruitment issues but said children should not lose out on accessing services because of where they live: “It is not acceptable that the geographical location of

where a child lives is a deciding factor in how long they have to wait to access mental health services.”

Ms. Connolly added that the Covid-19 pandemic also presented challenges for children and teens accessing services: “We know anecdotally that accessing CAMHS during the pandemic has not been possible for many children.

This comes at a time when some children and young people are feeling additional stress or anxiety as a result of the pandemic and associated restrictions.”

Barnardos ‘deeply concerned’ over mental health waiting list for children and teens

The new mental health strategy due to be published next week, she said, must address “unsustainable” waiting lists by triaging and offering ‘lower risk’ children appropriate support services in the community.

The HSE said a 26% increase in referrals since 2011 and recruitment difficulties pose “significant challenges” but that it hopes to make a number of new consultant appointments in the short term.

A spokesperson for the Cork/Kerry HSE region said: “We regret that young people cannot always access the CAMHS service as quickly as they or we would like.

However, we wish to reassure young people and their families that urgent cases are responded to on a priority basis often within 24 to 48 hours.”

“Interviews recently took place for the permanent CAMHS consultant posts in North Lee North, North Lee West, and Kerry and the service are hopeful that these interviews will yield permanent. click this link and continue read


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