Spiritual Health – 10 Keys to Being Spiritually Healthy

we achieve our Spiritual Health
10 Keys to Being Spiritually Healthy

Spiritual Health

Our way of life is inherited from our parents and from society, and so it is a conscious effort to establish new beliefs and new behaviors related to food and

Spiritual health is your relationship with food.

My attention to health started over 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, so I studied both the medical model of its maintenance and the spiritual

One of the less hidden secrets of the spiritual health community is the knowledge that the body protects itself from the daily processed foods that most people eat.

Spiritual Health – 10 Keys to Being Spiritually Healthy to eat Sugar, dairy products, meat, white refined products, and the process of their preparation cause the appearance of acids and toxins in our bodies.

They affect our pH balance, so the body stores fat around our vital organs to protect them.

So the truth is, people are not fat, they are too sour.

When the body absorbs alkaline foods and drinks, that is, raw fruits and vegetables, the body learns to eliminate the need to protect the organs and the fat literally disappears.

By eating “raw” foods in juices, smoothies, and salads, I dropped two sizes of clothes.

The weight literally disappeared overnight, as soon as I decided to give up dairy, meat, and acidifying products.

Other fantastic side effects were that my blood sugar returned to normal and I had a lot more energy.

One of the drawbacks was communication, and eating out became a minefield.

Most people have learned to eat for emotional reasons.

Having a new belief that food is for food and that it’s nice to find it instead of feeding your senses can change your life.

To help you start or continue your journey of spiritual well-being, here are 10 keys to mental health:

Key 1 – Connect to the whole digestion process and note what the problems are with your physical self.

Key 2 – Grow at least some of the food you eat.

Learning to grow what you can eat is a truly spiritual way to focus.

But spiritual health good effects on your mind and body.

Know where your food comes from, find out how, where, and what you eat.

Key 3 – Test your beliefs about food, health, and yourself.

The combination of the three can lead to health problems or discomfort in your physical body.

How you think about food and therefore think about it is just as important as what you eat.

Key 4 – Spiritual health takes your body as it is now, and knowing that you can literally consider yourself healthier by the power of the spirit.

Your body is basically water … it needs water to function.

You need water to think and be yourself, so give yourself water.

Other drinks have tried to take its place, but you can’t turn water into coffee and expect it to do the same.

Key 6 – No matter how fast you eat, decide to eat more slowly.

Chew each bite; your stomach has no teeth.

If the food is soft, even soup and drinks, bring it to your mouth to send a message to your stomach that the food is on its way.

Key 7 – Write down your specific health goals and take action every day to reach them.

Key 8 – Take a deeper look at what your desires tell you.

Is it the love you want and don’t let fear make you feel, is it the nutrients you are not getting?

Juice for a few days and see what happens to the senses.

Key 9 – Love yourself no matter what you eat.

Forcing you to follow a path will not work in the long run.

Instead, treat yourself like a child who needs to be sure there is the best he can eat.

Be gentle and friendly, and change will be easier.

Key 10 – The prayer before the meal is old.

Any sign you can give to the universe or to God, for which you are grateful, is fantastic. Click to read continue…

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