How to find a spiritual connection in our life?

How find a spiritual connection from daily life

The spiritual connection in daily life, the spiritual thing is, find a spiritual connection in our life but just as any king sent you to the country to perform certain tasks. If you do a hundred more things, but don’t do that particular job, it looks like you did nothing. So, everyone comes to this world for a special job and it is their purpose, but if they do not perform it, they do nothing. “Jalal al-Din Rumi (1207-1273) is a mysterious poet of Islam.

What work is the mysterious poet Rumi suggesting?

Let’s see, he says, spirituality is an important part of human life. Can it fulfil our purpose in life, or is it a waste of our time?

Well, as you know, the outlook on life suggests that the purpose of our lives is not just what we want to do here. Who are we? Spiritual people know more about him. Spiritual practice is to realize this cosmic truth and then live according to it – “the centre of spirituality can be created, as the wheel of daily life revolves around us.”

Let us know about our spiritual nature. Inspired by what the purpose is, we discover what is important in life.

How to find a spiritual connection in our life

You have to become completely immersed in the life

According to Jim Lohr and Tony Schwartz in their book, The Power of Full Engagement, we humans have four different sources of energy:

  • Physical strength
  • Mental strength
  • Sensitive energy
  • Spiritual power

Just like a hybrid automobile where the petrol engine and the electric battery system are closely connected, our four energy sources are also closely related in this way.

Lohar and Schwartz mentioned:

“The amount of energy we need to expend at any given moment is a reflection of our physical capacity.” However, “our motivation to spend what we have is essentially a spiritual problem that basically gives our spiritual energy unique energy to function in every aspect of life.

It is the most powerful source of our inspiration, perseverance and direction, anything else that ignites.” The human consciousness is engaged in full engagement and continues to perform at its maximum in the mission we are in. “

In other words, it is our spiritual strength and nature that gives meaning to our lives and it is this meaning that inspires and motivates us, as well as gives us the strength of perseverance and gives direction and focus to our lives.

It allows us to enter into the eternal well-being of passion, enthusiasm, compassion, wisdom, creativity, peace of mind, joy, and universal love, just to mention a few of the qualities that we have access to. As you can see, we have always been connected to this infinite source of spiritual energy.

We are like an electrical outlet, just waiting for a device to plug in between us. Electrical power is already available before the device is plugged in. If you don’t believe me, just try to stick your finger in the socket.

In the second thought, please don’t try that test just take it for my sentence constantly. We are constantly and continuously connected and communicating with the cosmic consciousness and creator of this incredible universe. We sometimes forget it and so we have to feel the connection.

We are often so blind and deaf to the glitter, glow and roar of this physical world where we live that we can easily forget this connection and when we do not forget, especially if we forget for a long time, we find ourselves as another kind of spiral. Can discover – a downward spiral that is driven and sustained by fear and lack of hereditary purpose.

The close connection between spiritual energy and the purpose of life

And it is here that we come to the full circle of our complimentary complements that begin to become clear about the purpose of our lives – it is our divinely inspired life purpose that knows the purpose of your humanly inspired life with pure crystal clarity as a door wide open for the divine source of the universe.

Yes, the Divine Spirit maintains an open policy for all of us, especially when we are spiritual beings and clear about what we are here for and what we have experienced and allowing that purpose to shape our lives – all our lives: our decisions, our choices. And our activities.

How to find a spiritual connection in our life

How do we keep the divine door open?

How do we keep our communication open so that we can listen to divine instructions? Well, it’s just practice, patience and perseverance practice.

However, we need to save this issue for another time. Read to Continue… find a spiritual connection in our life

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