How can I become more spiritual?

become more spiritual

Spirituality is an important part of our lives. But spirituality is a big word but if you take small steps it is a simple practice. But often people are so busy with their daily routine that they cannot keep their heart-healthy. He forgot the time to spiritualize his heart. But you do not think in any way what is the spiritual life? What good can that do us? But this spiritual thing is connected to our lives. At one time this spirituality was discussed. This was an important issue in society at that time. But today there is no discussion on this issue because today we are very busy. Spirituality is very important in our daily life. But here are three ways to enrich your spiritual soul.

1. Make a prayer every day. Prayers can take many forms:

A. You can also pray when you listen to music on your iPod.

B. Take 5 minutes while you are in the office and pray and appreciate your own life.

C. You can also take 5 minutes to pray while driving.

Usually, we think about sitting with the word prayer and we pray with our hands close. But with your work and prayer can be done easily. For example, when you are cooking, continue cooking and pray in it.

2. Find out the purpose of your life by taking a small step. Your purpose in life is to do what you were born to do and what you already have. That purpose is waiting to be discovered and nurtured in your heart.

How did you get it

  • Take a small step by doing what you love to do and see if you can make your career out of your passion.
  • It means doing what you love and being able to make a living from it.
  • If you like flowers, or you like football or you like writing in the flower shop and ask if you can help yourself on the weekends.
  • Go to the football club and see if you get a part-time job on the weekends.
  • Then sign up for Alliance and sign up as a seller and provide your writing services and pay for it.
  • It is an easy step towards a more spiritual life in our everyday environment.

3. Practice the art of forgiveness. 

  • If someone has done something wrong to you, forgive them.
  • And write him a letter and tell him that you have forgiven him.
  • This will free you from the burden of carrying emotional luggage and help you to free yourself from negativity.
  • Doing so will make you feel more comfortable and can increase the feeling in your heart.
  • To be more spiritual, there are many things you can do that are part of your daily routine.
  • Above I have described 3 things that are relevant to our current society.
  • You can live a happy life and enjoy a beautiful career and at the same time be spiritual.
  • Play with it and see what works and what doesn’t work for you.

As the Buddha used to say, “Keep what you are doing and give up the rest.” I hope this will take you to a new path of modern spirituality.

How can I become more spiritual


Spirituality helps us to recognize the important things in life. Practising spirituality does not make our lives worse than good. With the help of spirituality our lives dawn on joy. And the realization of what we came to this world comes to us. Practising spirituality creates a sense of forgiveness and love in you. Let’s not spend some time in this busy life for spirituality.

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