How do you actively pursue spiritual growth?

spiritual growth

You actively pursue spiritual growth

Spirituality can mean very different ideas to different people, including different religions. In general, however, we recognize that spirituality is a connection to the soul. This implementation is better than average. Paths of spiritual development include special worship, meditation, and contemplation.

Spiritual growth refers to the process of trying to understand the causes of life, death, and existence. Surprisingly, it can take years of awareness and practice to reach spirituality. Practising all actions that are guided in a spiritual way will not automatically take you to your destination overnight. In fact, each person has their own pace of spiritual development.

When a crisis arises, we all need the ability to overcome ourselves, at least to hold on to something higher than the crisis. Spirituality is actually different from religion, although healthy adherents of a particular religion are usually familiar with the concept. However, people without religion or without religion should develop spirituality as this is the only way for humanity to survive, especially when faced with a serious crisis. If you want to develop the spiritual element of your personality, you have to go deeper into yourself and listen to it often.

If a person follows a disciplined spiritual path, he or she will experience different levels of growth. Here’s an overview at this stage and what to expect at each stage. You actively pursue spiritual growth according to many spiritualists, spirituality usually means going beyond 9 steps:

Selfishness or the first step of awakening

This is the first episode of spirituality with the ‘I’, the basic instinct and the desire to fill the void after the realization of desire. With age, the desire for pleasure and other self-righteous habits, such as food, sex, fame, or drugs, begin to weaken and the arousal to lose. They can begin to think about the concept of spirituality and try to enrich themselves with something that transcends worldly matters. Unfortunately, not everyone can recognize this episode. Even worse, they just get stuck here and thus cannot move to the next level of spiritual development or make spiritual growth.

A step of faith or honeymoon

In this second phase to spirituality, people can recognize the power they have created. Unfortunately, their minds are still out of date at this point, when they know very little about divine shik creativity, which can be quite risky. This is because people have opened their minds to new ideas, but they do not associate it with the discipline of the mind. As a result, this situation often leads them to the third level, the first stage of depression.

The first step in despair

At this stage, many people start to believe at the same time give up, which leads to frustration. These people doubt their concept of spirituality will work. What is actually happening is that now is the best time to learn from reliable sources about true spirituality, similar to falling in love at this stage, but suddenly reality allows him or her to lose his or her feelings. Therefore, it is important to note that spirituality is not easy and in reality requires a lot of discipline.

Implementation steps

People are lucky enough to take this step because they understand that spirituality is not a problem, but it is. However, there are many drawbacks. Although people now enjoy reading spiritual books as much as possible, attending many spiritual seminars, receiving spiritual teachers, or even conducting meditation sessions themselves, they still cannot find the answers in their heads. Only a few people can free themselves from this level to move to the next level.

Conformist or cord stitch

At this stage people begin to appreciate what spiritual teachers or books say about the different spiritual paths. At some point, they have to decide whether to agree or disagree with the decision. They will agree with some assumptions if they think that what they already know is consistent with what they think. If they think they can’t accept some ideas, that’s fine. However, it is important to remember their past because that is why they cannot accept the new parable.

Go back

At this stage, people realize that they are receiving fundamentally new information. This means that they get new ideas.

The first easy step

For anyone in recovery, a true spiritual guide or mentor can have their first real breakthrough. Spiritual seekers can gain insight into what is going on behind the scenes and acquire some basic skills to transform the universe in a more realistic way. This is enjoyable, but it carries risks, as many in this initial learning process leave their teacher or mentor thinking they have found what they are looking for. This can be a big mistake and a lot of frustration. It is important for people to understand that there are a number of things that can still help them take the next step.

Wall or mountain stairs

Those following their spiritual path may find themselves in front of a wall or mountain between their desires and spiritual goals. Here a wall or mountain refers to a central problem, crisis or challenge in someone’s life. Only when a person is interested in growth and prosperity will he not be prevented from dealing with such things as gifts or favours, however harmful they may seem and however difficult they may seem. Crossing this wall or mountain is very important, but difficult. This courage ensures that only a few people who reach this step can overcome the greatest challenge of their lives.

Example of a switching step

Once people can climb a wall or mountain, they will enter the instance-shift phase and see things in a very different light. At this stage, they begin to acquire real skills to create a world they really want to live in. They will begin to realize that they are here and that they have a reason. They will likely see all the past stages become irrational in their quest for spirituality, allowing them to embrace the fullness of humanity.

It is through this similarity shift that people realize that spirituality is not just for themselves or their family, but for something greater than that and that they have a job and a purpose. By completing this step, people will be able to reach the endpoint of their spiritual journey, which is also the goal of spiritual quest. New perceptions welcome a whole new universe when humans become fully integrated humans. It is true that people can find real joy on a very deep level, regardless of their situation.

After all, spiritual growth is probably more than faith, because, in fact, it is a little deeper than our faith. But You actively pursue spiritual growth, is a belief that can help people in difficult times. It is an anchor point when times of fear, stress and uncertainty enter their lives. People without faith will never find their place when life gets difficult or gets stuck.

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