What is the easiest way to reduce stress?

Six More Quick Tips to Reduce Stress

Stress affects us all at different times, in different degrees and for different reasons. This may be due to a relatively trivial or insignificant reason. Either way, If it is important to try to reduce stress, otherwise, that it can get out of control and affect your health. But here are six quick tips to help reduce and manage stress. I hope these come in handy.

You have a day

This may seem obvious – we all need some time to move away from things for a while.

Life is tough enough with all the demands that come on us

Make a conscious effort to isolate yourself for a while.

No interruptions, turn off the laptop, turn off the mobile – your time is for you – no one else.

Then do that whatever it takes to makes you feel happier and less stressed.

It can be cool to read a book, listen to your favourite music, usually.

Find the time to switch off for a while and you will feel better for it.

Your good place

If it becomes difficult to imagine yourself in a happy place quickly, another quick stress reduction advice.

We’ve all got one (or maybe more) – imagine you’re there and how it feels to you.

It is sometimes known as a guided image and has existed for hundreds of years.

If you want to go into it seriously, there may be guiding imaging therapists and practitioners.

Or you can buy guide books and CDs.

And of course, there are very good old YouTube for videos.

The guided image goes together with meditation which is another strategy to reduce and manage stress.

Clean and de-cluttered

A clean and tidy home (absolutely audible) helps reduce and manage stress.

Review what you have and identify what you need / what you value and what you don’t – be cruel – what you can live without.

You can sell anything online that you can donate to a charity without or surviving.

Next, clean the house – necessarily all together (you can of course) if you want – probably a house.

Simply engaging in cleansing exercises will stimulate hormones that help you improve further.

To help clear the time when inserting your favourite CD

A clean and tidy house makes you feel better, doesn’t it?

Digital de-clutter

Now that you’ve scattered the house, it’s time to do the same for your digital life

Email, social media, the pressure of instant feedback, more likes, more Twitter followers and everything else that can put pressure on you – right?

So there’s a digital clean-up and de-clutter.

Remove yourself from the email list you don’t need to start.

Turn off notifications, changes and whatever you don’t need.

Set aside a specific time of day to check your emails instead (this may not apply to emails).

And turn everything off before bed (or at least silently) because you don’t have to wake up overnight to ping emails and change social media pop-ups.

Comfortable sound

These stress reduction tips are related to the happy space tip we’ve already seen.

The right kind of sound can help you relax and de-stress.

Hearing a comfortable sound for a while can have the same effect as taking your eyes to a happy place.

It could be a bird song, a waterfall, a gentle wave break, a whale song, etc. – whatever works for you.

Any number of relaxation sound CDs, streaming and downloads are available everywhere.

Plug yourself in, listen, relax and feel the stress leave you.


Meditation space can be a great help in reducing stress and your state of mind in general.

It can be as simple as sitting down, clearing your mind and taking frequent deep breaths.

Hold for four seconds to hold your lungs, hold your breath slowly and repeat for a few minutes.

Not like being in your happy place, we’ve touched before.

If you are interested in meditating and you have a smartphone, there are many meditation apps to download.

And of course any number, video etc.

As well as helping to reduce stress, anxiety can also help with depression and high blood pressure.

Get started now. Take some action. One step at a time. Don’t be late

There are no right or wrong commands to try these stress reduction tips. See what works for you.

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